Aurora , Block Theft Now With the Right Surveillance

Experience proves it: with the right surveillance, you and other Aurora area businesses can protect your assets from theft.

With surveillance done right, years come and go with no property loss incidents.

On the other hand, neighboring businesses without proper surveillance don't have the same success. Thieves successfully break in, steal and destroy property over 12,000 times each year in Aurora

Monitoring your property with a properly set up CCTV surveillance camera system provides unparalleled security.

Aside from physically keeping watch, there is no better way to monitor and deter criminal activity than to install such a system.

Yet for most, choosing and properly installing the right system can be confusing.

There are an ocean of CCTV installation companies out there.

Making matters worse, many of these companies simply try to sell a pre-packaged system with no consideration for what you really need.

However, Watchman CCTV will send you a trained and certified consultant to listen to you, visit your premises and assess the appropriate equipment and tactical surveillance you require.

Here's a small sample of what we can help you decide:

  • Does the area have enough lighting for the chosen camera?
  • For the area being considered, should the camera be hidden or out in the open?
  • Is the camera going to be exposed to punishing weather and elements, and how much protection does it need?
  • What angle do you need for the shot you really want?
  • Should you have a wired, wireless or hybrid system?
  • What recording/viewing options would you like? Would you like to see your property via the internet or your cell phone?

We'll take the time to answer all your questions and provide you all the information you need so that you're 100% comfortable with your decision to use our services.

The right surveillance significantly reduces the cost of paying guards to watch your premises.

From this alone, our services have saved some companies over 75% on their yearly security budget.

Yet there's more benefit than just saving on the cost of guards.

Even sophisticated surveillance systems are a fraction of the cost to rebuild after a burglary. There are costs to replace lost property and increasing insurance premiums, even hospital bills, to name a few of the large expenses.

You can avoid all of these unnecessary costs.

What makes us happy is seeing how quickly so many businesses recoup their investment with our surveillance systems.

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